About us

Shapescape is...



Our team is comprised of skillful individuals that are qualified for the work we do. Which is, but not limited to: Factions, Hubs, Spawns, Arenas, Prisons, and many more!


Each and every job that our team takes on for a client is executed with top quality and innovative ideas and designs.


Shapescape makes sure to take our clients ideas and fantasies and put them in physical form by building.


Meeting our clients needs is number one for Shapescape. We make sure to meet what they desire.


What is Shapescape?


Founded in 2013, Shapescape is a build team that was just an idea at first, and only contained six members to begin with. Many of our original founding members have come and gone, but as the clock ticks, our team is ever growing. We make any new members part of the family that is Shapescape. Our mission is to always think outside the box and put forth our greatest skills of building, designing, and critiquing each other.