Team Applications

Shapescape receives many applications, and sadly we can't accept them all. To make sure you go through the hoop, please take your time, and include all the information we ask below. Do your best to stand out. You can also send your application directly to


Things to remember

Here is a few things you must include in your application.

  • Portfolio
  • To be able to consider you
  • we have to see some of your
  • past works and projects.
  • Basic Personal Information
  • We have to know just a little
  • about you. Include name,
  • age and country of residence.
  • Experience
  • Have you been in other teams,
  • or other relevant creative
  • projects? Let us know!
  • Motivation
  • What motivates you, and
  • why do you want to be part
  • of Shapescape?