We specialize in educating through Minecraft by making content that connects with the target audience to enhance the learning and playing experience. We always aim to develop our work and progress further. The future is where we want to invest in and what we want to help shape.

Ever since our inception in 2013, we’ve aimed to create works of digital art that don’t conform to the norm which says that art cannot be interacted with. We’ve done this for start-up Minecraft servers all the way up to the biggest company in the world, Microsoft. We provide our design services and consultancy services to cultural institutions and gaming phenomenons alike.

Due to our splintered and international approach to content creation, we currently hold no headquarters but have employees in 18 countries spread out over 4 continents. Our management is predominantly based in Western Europe


August Gade Johansen

August started playing Minecraft back in 2010, taking part in the moderation and administration of some of the first servers targeting creative players wishing to express their artistic side through Minecraft and utilising this experience in managing creative processes, along with his education as a civil engineer specialising in architecture and urban environments from Aalborg University, Denmark, August grounded Shapescape with Bram in 2013. Since then August’s responsibilities have evolved from taking an active part in the construction projects to daily management and today general direction, client contact, concept development and investigation of how Minecraft may be used for educational and participatory planning purposes. August currently lives in Copenhagen and is 24 years old.

Contact August G. Johansen on email: or phone: +45 23 64 14 09


Bram Wulteputte

Bram started playing Minecraft in 2012 with some of his college friends. He founded Shapescape together with August and has had a leading role in the team ever since. Bram mainly takes care of the relations within the team and across the community. He oversees most Marketplace products and tries to steer them into a market-appropriate direction. He always keeps an ear to the ground to anticipate changes in the gaming, cultural, and educational landscape with the goal to bring those entities closer together. He turns early concepts and breaks them down into stable workflows and pragmatic solutions. Outside of Shapescape, Bram is an avid cyclist who competes in amateur races and sportives. Bram is 25 and lives in Belgium.

Contact Bram Wulteputte on email: