Who are we?


Shapescape is a game design company that generates content for Minecraft, Microsoft, and several museums. We specialize in educating though Minecraft by making content that connects with the target audience to enhance the learning experience. Shapescape is also a part of the Partner Program with Minecraft to make games and other content for the in-game Minecraft Marketplace.

Shapescape is a company steeped in heritage among Minecraft Content Creators. It has been under the same stable leadership since 2013 and has kept up an impressive growth rate. We always aim to develop our work and progress further. The future is where we want to invest in and what we want to help shape.

Shapescape currently has 30 people from 11 different countries working under our banner in various capacities. As a flexible company, we have to employ people from all fields of Minecraft including but not limited to builders, modellers, terraformers, redstone/commandblock artists, graphical artists and render artists.


Notable Clients

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Bram Wulteputte


Bram started playing Minecraft in 2012 with some of his college friends. He founded Shapescape together with August and has had a leading role in the team ever since. Bram mainly takes care of the relations within the team and across the community. He oversees most Marketplace products and tries to steer them into a market-appropriate direction. He always keeps an ear to the ground to anticipate changes in the gaming, cultural, and educational landscape with the goal to bring those entities closer together while being the interface between the client and our artists, translating the needs of the client into stable workflows and pragmatic solutions. 
Outside of Shapescape, Bram is an avid cyclist who competes in amateur races and sportives. Bram is 24 and lives in Belgium.

August Gade Johansen


August started playing Minecraft creatively as a hobby in 2011. In 2012, August became a part of the team behind one the early creative servers SernityUS, and later in the same year of the server OneMoreBlock. In November 2012, August left his previous postions and helped set up the server that would later be known as Dawn. In the following year of 2013, he assumed the positon of owner of Dawn; he founded the build team Shapescape with Bram Wulteputte.  Outside Minecraft, August has a bachelors degree in architecture, and is now pursuing a masters degree in urban design. Additionally he has education in project management and leading. August co-manages daily affairs of Shapescape & customer relations, as well as leading various Shapescape projects.
In addition to Shapescape, August is active in university politics at Aalborg University, sitting as vice-chairman of the Studyboard representing students of architecture and design in the TECH/IT Faculty. August originates from Denmark and is 24 years old.