Gameplay Developer

Minecraft relies heavily on JavaScript, commands and JSON to run its game. This is true for the in-game models, behaviors and animations. We’re looking for someone who can put their experience in JSON coding to use in a creative environment to help bring curated ideas to life while giving their own input and lifting content to new heights. You will be expected to work with the latest Bedrock version of the game and develop tools for future unreleased versions of this game.


  • Experience with JavaScript

  • Basic understanding of Minecraft

  • Good understanding of commands in Minecraft

  • Good understanding of the gaming culture

  • Near-native English skills in writing and good English speaking skills

  • Being able to work autonomous, organized and in a team environment

Extra skills

  • Experience with in-game Minecraft mapmaking

  • Able to optimize code and content to run smoother on lower tiered devices


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