Level Designer

Shapescape is always looking for new and fresh talent to create worlds and experiences to join our team. The job is centered around the basic Creative gameplay of Minecraft and that will be your office. You will work on our in-game server to convert curated concepts and visuals into 3D environments in Minecraft. You may also be called upon to create and optimize assets. You will work in close-knit cooperation with other Environment Artists and our Branch Managers to come up with creative concepts and work those out into workable gameplay environments.


  • Extensive experience with creating structural or ecological environments within Minecraft

  • Proficiency with tools such as WorldEdit, FAWE and VoxelSniper

  • Near-native English skills in writing and good English speaking skills

  • Being able to work autonomous, organized and in a team environment

Extra skills

  • Experience in project leadership

  • Experience with gameplay design (Included but not limited to player experience, level design and planning)

  • Adaptability with a variety of styles and layouts

  • Able to leverage existing assets to create new or variations on similar assets


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