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Merlin's Magical Motel

Here at Merlin’s Magical Motel, guests can get away from the regular world and surround themselves in strangeness. However, there’s no halls! To get to your room, you will have to solve puzzles along the way.


The Bastion

Take the throne of The Bastion, a magnificent castle worthy of the greatest kings. Use this seat of power as you go and claim the world as your own. 



Rising Sun

Start your survival adventure in a structure inspired by ancient Bhutanese temples. Come and rest on top of the towering cliffs among the clouds. Expand the structure as you become successful at the game!    


Christmas at Trafalgar
Come and experience the Christmas atmosphere on and around the famous Trafalgar Square in London! Celebrate Christmas with your friends as you explore the site and compare how well you know the square and all of its details!


Time Trip: Havana Treasure Hunt

Are you ready for a new adventure? The professor has fixed a few bugs in his timemachine and is now able to transport you to Cuba in the 17th century! There's even tales of a hidden treasure but you'll have to fight your way to get it.



Sea monsters are attacking the overworld! We are asking for any and all fliers to get help and take down the aggressors. Your mission: Fly through the rings, beat the levels, and get to the end!    


Valentine's Delivery Service

It's Valentine's Day at the Arcane House, and the residents need you to deliver their Valentine cards. Race around the mansion to deliver as many cards as you can before the sun goes down!



Summer is a great time to visit the city zoo! Explore the park on foot or by car and learn about the animals. Stop by the aquarium to look at all the new aquatic animals. Go to the shops and get yourself some sweet souvenirs!


Time Trip: Ancient Greece

Everyone loves to travel, but do you want to travel through time to play the classic "Hide and Seek" game in Ancient Greece? Play with your friends or alone to find all the villagers before the sun goes down!    

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Viking Attack!

The Vikings are attacking, and this time they've brought a serpent! Build up your walls in this survival spawn to keep out the mobs, and vikings. Utilize the farms and explore the vast world as you work to defend yourself.