We must accept the inevitable. We must accept that mankind is flawed. We must accept that defense is futile.


Defense is futile

This project was made for the "The Barbarians are coming!" -contest on PlanetMinecraft.
The contest was a hard-fought one in which we managed to come out with the first place.

We used a very obvious allusion to the seven deadly sins to create this concept. Each vehicle represents one of the sins as indicated by the graffiti on the hull. The reason this project is named "Defenseless" and equips Steve and Alex with only a massive wall is to convey the message that sin can never be prevented entirely. Humans who concern themselves with the potential effects of sin may put up barriers, but they must realize that these walls can be just as quickly taken down. This build is not trying to encourage sin or say that it's okay, but it is attempting to explain that one must be prepared for when sin does affect them. These seven sins define human nature. We are greedy, we are full of lust, we feel envious, we give in to gluttony, we endow ourselves with pride, we get angry, and we are often lazy like the sloth. Yes, like the pristine citadel, Humans have their time of purity as well. However, purity is easily overshadowed by impurity. Impurity has a particular knack for power. This power is prominent both in the fictional world of Steve and Alex and the reality in which we all find ourselves. The seven sins are what drives the presence of barbarism within any society. This presence can never be avoided, but like Steve, one can accept its existence and deal with it. By not accepting the existence of sin, we put ourselves into an increased likelihood of failure to be pure.

Platforms: Windows 10, MacOS (Java)

Release Date: June 2016