Dumpster Diving

Dystopia isn’t that far off. This call to action visualizes our planet in the not too distant future if humanity stays on its current course.


Let us maintain our first home, the one that made everything possible

The central message of this build is one that is told often, but not one that should ever cease to be told. As inhabitants of Earth, it is our responsibility to respect Her and take care of Her. While this build may focus on pollution of the ocean an air, the message applies to much more. Deforestation, pollution, energy depletion, endangerment and extinction of key species, chemical side effects of GMO food in the market and ecosystem, depletion of minerals, poor regulation of nuclear waste, medical waste, and many other issues are growing threats that may not affect us, but will affect our descendants because of us. As noted, it is a message we hear often, but if we stop hearing it will the issues be better?

These issues get worse even with a growing awareness because many don't listen. Many hear what money has to say, and not what the planet has to say. It's saying that we will destroy it. Not in our lifetime, but humanity will destroy either Earth or itself in the lifetime of those to come. Let us maintain our first home, the one that made everything possible.

Platforms: Windows 10, MacOS (Java)

Release Date: December 2017