Great Ormond Street Hospital

Easing the transition from normal life to hospitalisation. Having hospitalised kids interact with eachother, no matter what ward or room they are in.



Bringing a smile to a kid’s face

A full recreation of the Great Ormond Street Hospital in London. The children’s hospital can be visited by its visitors in Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition where they can explore all the floors, operating theaters, examination rooms and get to know other patients.

In this collaboration with Microsoft and the Great Ormond Street Hospital, we meticulously recreated every floor of the hospital. Academic studies are increasingly showing the benefits that video games and the supporting technology can bring to the healing process. For a child, the idea of going to a hospital for any reason is scary, and companies across the world are doing all they can to help children in this situation.

Teams at GOSH are continually attempting to break down the fear that can overcome children who will be receiving treatment on-site. The possibilities this generates are seemingly endless; community staff on-site could set challenges for the kids within the game, or use it as a tool for them to meet others their age in similar situations.

Platforms: Windows 10, MacOS (Java)

Release Date: October 2018

Client: Great Ormond Street Hospital