A little hope

This project conveys the message that life can triumph over almost anything and can survive the harshest places.


We are able to beat the odds against us.

Life is persistent.

It knows many struggles,

But knows no limits.

Life has many losses as time goes by,

But it gains something as well.

That is what makes it exciting.

Occasionally, life is hit with

What seems to be an impenetrable

Barrier that impedes it from climbing higher.

Maybe it even knocks it down a bit,

But life is persistent.

It always finds a way;

It always rekindles, inspires and amazes.

It is able to overcome the challenges it faces,

And it is able to beat the odds against it.

We are able to beat the odds against us!


A Little Hope represents the perseverance and strength of life, and it is ability to prevail stubbornly against all odds, sometimes in the unfairest of competitions. Much more fair was the competition against the build team Vaeron, where this map was submitted as our submission after the 24 hours provided were used up, and much like life itself, our map prevailed as judges decided to award “A Little Hope” with the first place.

Platforms: Windows 10, MacOS (Java)

Release Date: November 2017