Modena Render.png


A 1:1 recreation of the city center of Modena. Used as part of the ModenaCraft server that was used by schools in the region


Modena Ducal Palace Render.png


A 1:1 recreation of the city of Modena, includes the Palazzo Ducale, the Ghirlandia Tower, and the Duomo. The city's recreation uses the street layout of the walled city center of Modena. It features hundreds of houses and streets that ooze atmosphere.

The Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Modena asked Marco Vigelini to shape a digital platform in which kids can explore their city, expand upon it or suggest changes to it that can be brought into reality. The Bedrock & Education Edition versions of the map feature a vehicle that will transport you through the city. The world is now in the hands of educators and students to see what they can come up with for the future of Modena

Platforms: iOS, Windows 10, macOS

Category: Education

Release Date: August 12th 2018

Client: City of Modena, MakerCamp