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 Christmas at trafalgar

A 1:1 remake of the world-famous Trafalgar Square in the center of London around Christmas time. The Norwegian government donates a large spruce tree to the Brittish government each year to thank them for their services during World War II.


A landmark

Christmas time is a wonderous time, and maybe around the famous Christmas tree of Trafalgar Square in London more so than anywhere else. For all of those who can not make their way by the square every year, or for all those who can not get enough of it, this map allows the player the next best thing: A full Minecraft recreation, allowing the player to experience the magnificent square with the amazing Norwegian tree in place, and see the Minecraft snow falling like it does no where else.

This product was created for the Minecraft Marketplace, and remains available for purchase on the store.

Platforms: iOS, Windows 10, Xbox One, Switch, Android, Kindle

Category: Roleplay, Immersion

Release Date: December 15th 2017

Players: 1-12

Price: 310 Coins