Urbino: Home of Rafaello

Stimulating participants to a contest to research and document the life of Raffaello Sanzio



Birthplace of one of the masters

The idea of involving young digital users of schools in the area starts with the creation of a short film showing everyday life in Urbino at the end of the 15th century.

In the video, you can recognize a young Raphael who grew up in the house of his father, the famous Giovanni Santi which you can still visit to this day. His father was a very active multi-faceted artist, esteemed by the ducal court of Urbino. In his father's workshop, Raphael meets and learns from the great painters of this time who will then influence his artistic growth.

Starting from this first video they will try to involve the children in the following narrative phase, letting the various schools, in shared sessions, decide which part of Raphael's story to tell, participating in the construction of Minecraft content, with an original storytelling and gamification.

Platforms: iOS, Windows 10, macOS

Category: Education

Release Date: November 2018

Client: National Gallery of the Marche, MakerCamp